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About Us

Tensai means 'genius' in Japanese and Tensai.org stands by this standard in all our learning resources. We have made a collection of detailed learning materials designed to be the go-to knowledgebase for all students to supplement the content learnt in school. The educational resources provide additional explanations and illustrations to make it easier to understand the concepts. Read more about us HERE

Tensai Values
1. Ambition

We inspire a desire and determination in students to achieve great success.

2. Hard work

Academic success requires a great deal of effort and persistence.

3. Creativity

Enabling students to develop a strong sense of imagination, understanding and ability to generate original ideas.

4. Fun

Success, in anything, requires a component of playful behavior. We ensure learning is both enjoyable and pleasant.

Tensai Online Resources

Tensai Foundations

Extensive learning resources for elementary school students.
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Tensai Institute

Peer reviewed learning resources for high school science students. Get Started Now.

Tensai Advanced

Extensive learning resources for university and advanced science students. Get Started Now.

Tensai Reads

Subject based free ebooks specifically curated to support science students at all levels. here.

Tensai Success Tips

Evidence based Study Tips to guide students during the semester and also as they prepare for tests and exams.

Tensai Blog

Visit the Tensai Blog page for fun scientific articles.


Tensai utilizes over 20 international volunteer content creators. Tensai is expanding and adding more learning resources everyday to ensure we meet students' needs at all learning levels.

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