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Our Values. Our DNA

1. Ambition

We inspire a desire and determination in students to achieve great success.

2. Hard Work

Academic success requires a great deal of effort and persistence.

3. Creativity

Enabling students to develop a strong sense of imagination, understanding and ability to generate original ideas.

4. Fun

Success, in anything, requires a component of playful behavior. We ensure learning is both enjoyable and pleasant.

About Us

Tensai means genius in Japanese and Tensai.org stands by this standard in all our activities. We have made a collection of detailed learning materials designed to be the go-to knowledgebase for science students to supplement and reinforce the content covered in school. The educational resources provide additional explanations and illustrations to make it easier to understand science concepts. We will provide these resources for free to all our users, please contact us if you have any comments about the content.

Tensai has partnered with an artist to develop illustrations for science concepts to make it easier for students to understand. This is also aimed at adding a breath of life to the content and helping students to connect and identify with the content. We like vintage styles, and we incorporate them whenever possible, we hope you like them too. These illustrations will be added to each course as they become available.

We believe studying can be fun and calming, both at the same time. Tensai will always ensure that learning is gentle and comforting.

Content Creators

Tensai.org has contracted several volunteer international educators to create content for the site. The content has been peer reviewed and edited to ensure it is accurate and within the scope of high school sciences. All review materials and questions are obtained from real exams issued to school students in various countries. Answers to these review questions will be available in future through a member only subscription system.


Tensai.org is a not-for-profit and relies on personal and corporate donations. Our international content creators are volunteering their time to develop the educational content. This is part of a goal to make educational material freely available to as many people across the globe as possible. By making science education available to the masses, Tensai is establishing a uniform class of people who are not limited by their access to education. Click on the donate button at the bottom of most pages and support free universal science learning. All donations will be acknowledged unless donors indicate otherwise.