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High school students need to develop a knowledge of science and its relationship to technologies, and how that knowledge relates to their lifestyle and their role in the society. The goal of these chemistry resources is to develop the science knowledge, skills and attitudes that every excellent science student needs to solve problems and make informed decisions. These resources are also aimed to help students become lifelong learners with a strong curiosity about the world around them.

  1. Lab Safety

1. Diversity of Matter

  1. Naming Chemical Compounds
  2. The Atomic Theory
  3. Chemical Changes and Reaction Types
  4. VSEPR and Lewis Dot Diagrams

2. Chemical Bonding

  1. Chemical Bonding
  2. Intermolecular Forces

3. Forms of Matter

  1. Gases
  2. Solutions
  3. Acids and Bases

4. Quantitative Relationships in Chemical Changes

  1. Stoichiometry
  2. Titration

5. Thermochemical Changes

  1. Enthalpy Change
  2. Activation Energy

6. Electrochemical Changes

  1. Oxidation and Reduction
  2. Electrochemical Cells

7. Organic Chemistry

  1. Organic Chemistry Intro
  2. Crude Oil Refining
  3. Organic Halides
  4. Alcohols
  5. Carboxylic Acids and Esters
  6. Polymers

8. Chemical Equilibrium

  1. Reaction Graphs and Equilibrium
  2. Acids and Bases

9. Chemistry Review Materials

  1. Chemistry Review Materials

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