veterinary ANATOMY

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Unit 1: Systematic Anatomy

Unit 2: Anatomy of Dogs and Cats

Unit 3: Anatomy of Horse

Unit 4: Anatomy of Ruminants

Unit 5: Anatomy of Pigs

Unit 6: Anatomy of Birds

Basic Anatomical Concepts

Anatomy is the branch of science that focuses on the study of the form, structure and disposition of the tissues and organs of the body. The subdivision of Anatomy that involves the study of structures with the unaided eye is called Gross Anatomy. The subdivision of Anatomy known as Microscopic Anatomy / Histology studies anatomical details that are invisible to the eye and utilizes light or electron microscopy. The discipline can also extend to the study of the stages through which the organism evolves from conception, through birth, youth and maturity to old age and is known as Developmental Anatomy.