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"The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don't tell you what to see".
Alexandra K.Trenfor.

Grade 1 Science

In this course

Creating Colors

Seasonal Changes

Building Things


Needs in Animals and Plants

Topic A - Creating Colors

Students will identify and evaluate methods for creating colour and for applying colours to different materials.

Topic B - Seasonal Changes

Students learn that changes in their environment occur in a regular pattern known as the seasons. Students are guided to discover that there are larger patterns of change that affect the life habits of many living things.

Topic C - Building Things

Students should construct objects and models of objects, using a variety of different materials. Students should also identify the purpose of different components in a personally constructed object or model, and identify corresponding components in a related object or model.

Topic D - Senses

Students should develop an awareness of their own senses and how they are used.

Topic E - Needs in Animals and Plants

Students learn about living things and what they need to live and grow how living things survive, what they need and how their needs are met. Students also learn about their own responsibility in caring for living things. Students will also start developing skills for describing and classifying what they see.