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Elementary Science Resources

In grade 1, students will learn about colors; how to create colors and the colors associated with seasonal changes, the needs of various animals and senses. Click here to start Tensai's grade 1 science course.

Students in grade 2 will learn about bouyancy and boats, cool and hot temperatures, magnetism and basics about small crawling and flying animals. Click here to start Tensai's grade 2 science course.

Grade 3 students will learn about the materials found on Earth's surface for example, rocks, minerals and soil. students will also learn about building with various materials and the concept of life cycles in animals. Click here to start Tensai's grade three science course.

Grade four students begin learning about juvenile ecology recognizing that human activity results in production of waste and how best to manage waste disposal. Students also learn about wheels, gears and levers, and light and shadows. Click here to start Tensai's grade four science course.

Students in grade five sciences will learn about magnetism and electricity, and will be introduced to juvenile chemistry by testing variety of materials to see what happens when things are mixed together: what dissolves, what reacts and what remains unaffected. Click here to start Tensai's grade five science course.

Grade six students will learn about air, aerodynamics and conditions that affect flight behavior in animals and other objects. Students will also learn about space science and the basics of conducting scientific research. Click here to start Tensai's grade six science course.

Tensai Institute is committed to support students at all levels as they learn science. These success tips are aimed at helping students establish a strong foundation to enable them to excel in sciences in elementary school, high school and beyond. Click here to access our success tips for elementary students.