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Advanced Sciences

'Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.' - Carl Sagan

The Tensai microbiology course includes the history of microbiology, culture methods, microbial genetics and antimicrobial agents. Start our Mirobiology course now.

The Tensai Immunology course covers the structure and functioning of the immune system. Start our Immunology course now.

The Tensai Bacteriology course covers details about more than 25 of the most common pathogenic and non-pathogenic bacterial species. Start our Bacteriology course now.

The Tensai Virology course covers details about more than 20 viral species including pathogenicity. It also includes diagnosis and treatment of viral diseases. Start our Virology course now.

The Tensai Mycology course covers details about cutaneous, opportunistic and systemic fungal infections, and treatment of fungal diseases. Start our Mycology course now.