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Welcome to the Biology course!
Biology, literally translated to 'the study (Greek -logy-) of life (Greek -Bios-)' is a science that has existed for many centuries. The term 'Biology' was first seen in literature published around the year 1780. Since ancient times, biology has played a significant role in human survival such as food, medicine, draft power, shelter and clothing, especially to prevent exposure to extreme cold, hunting etc. So generally, humans have depended on animals and plants for their survival (in its broad sense) even before domestication efforts started around 10,000 years ago. More recently, Biology has grown immensely in scope and has now resulted in several disciplines/specializations such as cytology, bacteriology, morphology (anatomy), embryology, medicine, physiology, evolution geography, geology etc. Genesis Educational high school biology covers 10 subject areas and provides the foundation required by students to pursue more advanced college level biology and/or enable students to act in ways that will improve their own lives as well as life in their communities.

Topics in Biology

1. The Cell

  1. The Microscope
  2. The Cell - Plant and Animal Cells
  3. Surface Area to Volume ratio
  4. Biological Organization
  5. Transport across the Plasma Membrane
  6. Plant Physiology

2. Macromolecules

  1. Introduction to Macromolecules
  2. Carbohydrates
  3. Proteins
  4. Lipids
  5. Nucleic Acids
  6. Chemical Tests

3. Energy, Matter and Exchange in the Biosphere

  1. Energy Flow
  2. Biochemical Cycles

4. Ecosystems and Population Change

  1. Interactions within Ecosystems
  2. Taxonomy
  3. Evolution, Variation and Natural Selection

5. Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration

  1. Photosynthesis
  2. Cellular Respiration

6. Body Systems

  1. Circulatory System
  2. Digestive System
  3. Excretory System
  4. Muscle and Skeletal System
  5. Respiratory System
  6. The Immune System

7. The Endocrine and Nervous Systems

  1. Introduction to the Endocrine System
  2. Homeostasis
  3. Regulation of Blood Sugar
  4. Stress Response
  5. The Thyroid Gland
  6. Endocrine System - Summary
  7. Introduction to the Nervous System
  8. Action Potential
  9. Parts of the Nervous System
  10. Sensory Receptors and Organs

8. Population Genetics and Community Dynamics

  1. Population Genetics
  2. Community Dynamics

9. Cell Division, Genetics and Molecular Biology

  1. Introduction to Molecular Biology
  2. DNA Replication
  3. DNA Transcription
  4. DNA Translation
  5. DNA Mutations and Cancer
  6. Mitosis
  7. Meiosis
  8. Inheritance

10. Human Reproduction and Development

  1. Introduction to Human Reproduction
  2. Male Reproductive System
  3. Female Reproductive System
  4. Fertilization
  5. Pregnancy

Biology Questions

  1. Biology Review Materials

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